DKV Luxembourg S.A.
11-13, rue Jean Fischbach
L-3372 Leudelange

Postal Address:
DKV Luxembourg S.A.
B.P. 845
L-2018 Luxembourg

Telephone: +352/42 64 64-1
Fax: +352/42 64 64-250

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Board of directors:
Christian Strasser
Steve Balance
Valérie Dappe-Blanck
Henri Hostert
Luc Themelin

Chief Executive Officer:
Stefan Pelger

Bank Details:
BGL: IBAN LU31 0030 0206 1888 0000 SWIFT: BGLL LULL
BCEE: IBAN LU40 0019 1655 0409 4000 SWIFT: BCEE LULL
CCP: IBAN LU17 1111 0747 6777 0000 SWIFT: CCPL LULL
Official Registrations:
VATID no: LU 15 93 61 51
Tax°: 1993 2212 687
Register of Companies no: B 45 762

Supervisory Authority:
Commissariat aux Assurances
7, boulevard Joseph II
L-1840 Luxembourg

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